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Liga Championship Games

Champions Rise at La Liga del Barrio

Welcome to La Liga del Barrio basketball League Championship! Our league celebrates the passion, talent, and teamwork of young athletes from diverse backgrounds. Join us in the heart of our city as we bring together rising stars and witness thrilling games and unforgettable moments and watch as dreams become reality. Get ready for an electrifying experience!!

LA Liga del Barrio Championship Games at Community College of Philadelphia (4/27/24)

**Check Below for each game’s start time**

Game 1:
Division B (ages 9 to 11) – Team 10 (Colegios) vs. Team 11 (Honores)
-Begins at start of video (At halftime)
*Winner: Team 10 – Colegios (Coach Lauren Postell)
Game 2:
Division C (ages 12 to 14) – Team 18 (Proyectos) vs. Team 14 (U of Arts)
-Warmups Starts at 0:28:00
-Game starts at 0:36:00
*Winner: Team 14 – U of Arts (Coach Jazar Hall)
Game 3:
Division B/C (ages 14+) – Team 6 (South Carolina) vs. Team 5 (LSU)
-Warmups: 1:49:00
-Game starts: 2:02:00
*Winner: Team 5 – LSU (Coach Lauren Postell & Christopher Davis)
Game 4:
Division D (ages 15 to 18) – Team 21 (Louisville) vs. Team 24 (UPenn)
-Warmups start at 3:03:00
-Game starts at 3:20:00
*Winner: Team 24 – UPenn (Coach Yozuet Pagan)
Alumni Champions (ages 19+) – 3:30pm: Team BEGR8 vs. Team Elite
-Warmups start at 4:27:00
-Game starts at 4:41:00
*Winner: Team Elite (Team Cpt. David Price)