Progress Reports

Progress Reports and Devotions Are Most Important!

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What makes “La Liga Del Barrio” (LLDB) special and unique are our weekly progress reports and devotions before each game. LLDB is the only League implementing these objectives. It is important that coaches, parents and players understand why “La Liga Del Barrio” considers weekly progress reports and our pre-game devotions to be the two most important elements of our organization. As founders of “La Liga Del Barrio” our desire was to build a Godly character in each student-player, and make the educational development of each student-player our reason for existence.

The game of basketball is just a tool to accomplish these two goals and if we’re going to be true to our primary goals it is important that all the school teachers, coaches, as well as our parents support this effort. If a coach believes that progress reports and our devotions are just troublesome annoyances and act in that manner the student-player will also act this way. If a parent believes that this league is only about basketball and the primary concern of the parent is making sure that “my child plays and is the best player on the floor,” this too will hinder the effectiveness of the progress report.

Coaches, Parents and Teachers, it is you that make our league a success because we expect more of our children, I ask you to support our efforts in helping our kids to be better students and better people.

On a weekly basis both the parent and the teacher (homeroom or advisory) must sign the progress report, but the teacher must rate the childs academic and behavioral performance. any questions, teachers and parents are encouraged to call directly to the president of lldb, raymond alvarez at (215) 840-8057. we thank you for your cooperation!

The child must hand the progress report to the coach before every game. if the coach does not have a progress report for a player, then that player must sit on the bench, and will not play for an entire half. a rating of “need improvement or poor” on the progress report will result in minimal playing time.

Our Commissioners will evaluate the progress reports and talk to the child and if necessary will recommend resources to aid in the student/player's deficiencies, and will also determine how much time a player will play. Thank you ALL for your support.