General Info

Welcome to La Liga del Barrio’s Familia, and for those returning Welcome Back!

La Liga’s 2016-17 season will begin on Saturday, January 7, 2017 with our first official game and end on April 28th with our annual awards ceremony banquet. (Our Liga schedule* is attached.)

On January 6th between 5:30pm and 8:30pm , we will be distributing the jerseys, and shorts for those who ordered, in our gym at Aspira Educational Campus located at 6301 N. 2nd Street

A few reminders to all, we expect everyone to carefully read and adhere to all of La Liga's Rules and Criteria which are attached.

A few significant rules and criteria are noted below:

  • Liga School Progress Reports will be implemented on January 14th. You MUST have your progress reports (Liga progress report attached) signed by a home room teacher and a parent. The progress report MUST then be turned in to the team captain PRIOR to the start of every game. The team captain will then turn the report in to the Team Moms.

  • Under the supervision of the Team moms, team captains will be responsible for calling the all team players to reminding them to bring their progress reports in as well as advise them of game time. This will be done on Thursdays prior to game day.

  • Players MUST arrive on time for every game and MUST make it to our devotional prayer period prior to the start of every game to be eligible to play.

  • Any player not submitting their school progress reports, being late, or missing devotion, will be penalized by having to sit the first 5 minutes of the game. Subsequent infractions will increase the penalty time.

Community Service Hours:


Mentor Program:


Please note that all Liga game schedules and events will continuously be posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, emails and text when possible. If you have a preference of notice, please text your preference to (215) 840-8057.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at the gym!

Instructions on reading La Liga schedule:

Once each player has been assigned a team with a specific team name and team number you can proceed to find your team name at the top and the team number on the schedule.
Look for the specific date and on that horizontal line going across as you look for your team number, and when you do, you then scroll upwards till you find your game time.

As a reminder, please note that our concession stand proceeds go toward our kids’ year-end banquet; accordingly, prices are set at a fundraising goal. We appreciate your participation and contribution!